Blessed Peace (No Questions)

A new year. New stories. Let it all go.

Young Adult(s in) Fiction

Never drink on your last day on the job. At least, not like this.


With a virus all around us, maybe it’s worse to die inside. But maybe we’re saved by knowing we are all good before we even try to save ourselves…

Human Zoo

It started when I stumbled upon an advertisement in a travel magazine spruiking a trip to the recently independent Congo.

Gallery Café, Katoomba

Face it, most art in cafés is bullshit decoration.

How to be a Man

That night, my daughter left her phone at home.


A long, long time ago, the end began, and this was how it was still: a fitting funeral for the year. Also, there's a woman, a man, and a road, and they meet, and things happen.

Eat Your Hands

Kisses don't please stomachs.