I am not Lost

Find me,
I am not lost.

Just resting my open heart
By the shade of a persimmon tree.

In the opaque silhouette
That you cannot see.

In the thickness, smoke in the air
Or the smell of summer rain

Washing treetops gently
On open roads
And unplanned adventures.

I am there,
Find me.

The following was written in a time when I felt that the world was full of people who wanted to play it safe

We are a collection of reservations
And disclaimers,

Afraid that the air
Made of
Could crash
That the words spoken
Could crush our fragile interiors

So we write in fine lines
“Warning signs”
“Just in case”
“What ifs”
And “buts”

Mahdia stumbled upon the world of slam poetry ten years ago through Bankstown Poetry Slam and has been writing and performing around Sydney ever since. Please comment below, find out more about Mahdia, or consider donating a sum to this magazine as thanks for this experience.