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We don't choose the times we live in. So, for better or for worse, the best way to contact us is to send us a message on our socials. You might even find us not-dull enough to follow.


Thanks for wanting to contribute. You care about your art and writing, and we try to give each submission the time it deserves when we review, chew, and digest your submissions. Right now, we have been inundated. We also have big plans (big plans!) to move into publishing this year. So we are not reviewing any new submissions.  If you'd like, join us on our socials and community networks (in the footer below) . These are designed to help artists grow in their work, connect with one another, and share their strange, radical, and neglected voices with the hopes of developing the right audience. Or just send us a message.

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    We need time. Time to write, time to create. Most of all, we'd like to pay our contributors so they can put in time to write and create. Any garnish, tip, reward, subsidy, gift, or gratuitous waste of money you can throw our way will give us this time. It will keep this place going (somewhere). If you want more than this magazine in return, follow the link to our Patreon page for regular contributions.

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