Thanks for wanting to contribute. You care about your art and writing, and we try to give each submission the time it deserves when we review, chew, and digest your submissions. Right now, we don't have the time to do this. So we won't be reviewing any more submissions in 2022. But please, submit and we will aim to get to your work next year. In the meantime, please join us on our socials and community networks (in the footer below) . These are designed to help artists grow in their work, connect with one another, and share their strange, radical, and neglected voices with the hopes of developing the right audience.

If you haven't yet stumbled across our amorphous, evolving manifesto on this site, then here's what we are looking for: more of what's on here. So, read our stuff. Too world-weary and content-obese to read the magazine thoroughly? We want pieces that push boundaries. Test limits. Challenge norms and experiments. Pieces that play with form and ideas. In a digital world full of niche bubbles of content, we would like to showcase the voices and styles on the fringe of the fringe communities.

Oh, and we will often fail, and find it amusing. Submit what you have, and see what happens. We're keen to pay those we publish.

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