Perhaps what I am getting at is that this world, which seems so full of activity, feels somehow dead, a ceaseless running on a treadmill that goes nowhere.

Emerald Green

An outsider might have mistaken such a place or movement as a cult of the proposition.

Blue Pew Bible

A sermon without a joke was a deadly serious affair.

Spin New York 23

We were playing by the rules of the street, however: a single set decided the match.

The Path

Although he himself could leap fairly consistently, he could not always control when he did, or for how long.

Screen Memories

Not long after, the boy began to have what would become a recurring dream or nightmare, depending on your point of view.


And wasn't this, in the end, the ideal, perfect meal?

Essay on the Goldberg Variations

The thought of addressing his hands at the keyboard sent spasms through his mind.

Ippudo NY

One day, without warning, the polarity of my tastebuds switched.

Lenox Coffee, New York

I did not know what to do with this advice except to safekeep it for a time.